Sunday, February 19, 2012

2-19-12 and the discovery of the night goes to...

Sammi has been driving us around all day. 

This involves getting the chair way, way closer to the steering wheel.

And today, as we were heading over to pick Lauren up for the zoo, I leaned over from the passenger's side to pick something up out of the floorboard 

and there was, in the late afternoon sunshine shining in, a flash of blue, just the tiniest flash, 

only because of the angle of the sun, from way up under the seat rail, 

impossible to see or reach with the seat in a normal position.

Impossible to see if the sun hadn't been at exactly that angle.

Impossible to see if I hadn't in that moment, turned to reach something completely random from behind me.

Behold, the mystery of the missing ipod.


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