Sunday, February 26, 2012

2-26-12 Pageviews

I have a thing for numbers. Most days, even if I don't have the time or inclination to blog, I still check in and see the number of pageviews the counter sits at. 

I took a screen shot on Friday because I like repeating numbers = 41414

Then yesterday, when I logged it, it was too round not to screen shot = 41500

And again this morning, with those multiples of 7 next to one another = 41749

It wasn't until I started doing the math instead of just looking lovingly at whatever combination of numbers appeared in front me that I realized in the space of less than a day, that's almost 250 hits! 

For 15 followers, that's not bad. 

By the way, if you noticed the math isn't adding up on the post count, it's because one of my posts is still in draft form, just for my eyes. (If the numbers shift down one, you'll know I decided it wasn't worth the sharing.)


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