Saturday, February 4, 2012

2-4-12 the new hat

The trip to Target also resulted in a new hat, which was intended for Sam, who said, in her very artisty voice, "I prefer bucket hats with a big flower or bow on the side."

Well, phbbttt. I sent her a picture of the three different bucket hats that were on clearance (from $20 down to $5!), she didn't answer, and so I picked the one I liked best. So now, I have a new hat. And I don't really like bucket hats. They remind me of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert for some reason. So voila! Flip up the brim and no more bucket! And you can't do that with a big old tacky flower or bow on the side, either.

Actually, this was the second hat I brought home. I'd already spotted a $3 beret I had to have, but that one will have to be modeled tomorrow.


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