Friday, February 17, 2012

2-16-12 pups and snow

So, not exactly 2/16,  but I discovered this when I downloaded pictures off the phone today from the big snow weekend before last.

And then there was this, a few days later:

Note Evan "lets" Katy do the work and just barks the occasional support from the deck while picking up mouthfuls of snow. She did eventually find this one, by the way.

And this one I did take today, which is what prompted the upload where I discovered all the other videos I'd neglected. What you see here is the difference between my sweet, timid Evan who will take the chicken from my hand ever so gently and Katy, who tries very hard not to take my finger off to the knuckle, but can barely contain herself. This chicken, by the way, is the total amount of "chicken" found in Campbell's chicken noodle soup. The dogs know at the end of soup for lunch they get the tiny bits since I won't eat them. Tip for chicken soup: whisk an egg and drizzle it in at the very end, right at the edge of a boil. You'll have an egg-drop variation with noodles. YUMMY.


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