Saturday, February 4, 2012

2-4-12 and then the sun came out

And just like that, blue skies, no need for a coat, and everyone comes outside.

We got out to get some groceries and passed everyone else in the neighborhood out shoveling or pulling their kids around in sleds.

The parking lots were cleared, except for the giant plowed piles waiting to melt.

Tried to get a shot of my two favorite signs together, both the 17.5 speed limit and the Gorilla Crossing, but they're too far apart.

The gorillas are always crossing at the human sign, anyway...

The main streets are already drying out, although truck beds everywhere, like the one above, are still brimming with the white stuff.

There is someone's car not yet dug out on our street.

And when I put the dogs out to bring in the groceries, Katy sat right at the door waiting while Evan went snow diving yet again. (I shot this from the kitchen window, so he's a little blurry.)

Biggest snowfall on record in a century for February in Denver is in the books. 

Maybe we'll make it to Colorado Springs next weekend...


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