Sunday, February 19, 2012

2-19-12 The queso conundrum

Sammi and I had a lovely mom/daughter lunch at Los Dos. 

She doesn't eat salsa, so we always order the "Cheese Dip" which isn't the queso of Tex-Mex, but a pork and green chili base with real cheese mixed in. It's stringy and not nearly as chip friendly, but it's gooooood. 

The only problem, and this is a problem with most queso dips except for the most nasty, watery, flavorless ones, is that they do come with tomatoes and peppers in them. Now we're back to why Sam doesn't eat salsa. So it always amuses me to watch her pick out the most minuscule spots of red or green and carefully scrape them off her chip and onto her plate. 

That face doesn't hurt my amusement, either.


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