Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2-8-12 #770 Morning Moon and Dawn

Wednesdays are rest days, so it's the one day in the work week when I get to sleep in. And sleep in I did. When I woke at 6:45, it was with the thought, "The skies should be clear -- get up before you miss the full moon!"

I stumbled squint-eyed without glasses into the back room to see if it was viewable. Even nearly blind, that giant glowing orb woke me immediately. And it was just minutes away from disappearing.

I grabbed my glasses and the camera and started shooting. I then peeked back to the other side of the house where I realized I was getting some awesome dawn colors from the front windows at the same time. This will explain the juxtaposition of the pictures, since they are here in order of shots. 


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