Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2-29-12 End of Month, again. How does that happen?

End of the month, and here we are again at a Sammi choir concert. Her beloved choir teacher, Mr. Wolterstorff, AKA "Dubbs", seems to always set these up on the last day of month.

So, for most of the day, there was this (which should be set to music):

And then there really was music

but you don't get to hear it, partly because my stupid phone said it was recording when it didn't and partly because of the clips I did get, Sammi hates them all,  and they are over 100MB anyway so I can't upload them.

So, her choice, I asked which song she liked the best, in general, not necessarily from their performance, and this was her choice.

And, no, they didn't exactly sound like that.

To be fair, the pieces they had were very difficult and not exactly audience friendly.

Post concert, we picked up dinner, came home, and I spent the next two hours editing and suggesting things for Nick's big research paper that he'd sent me while we were gone and which he needed back by the morning to meet with his professor.

Whew. Makes me tired again just thinking about it. 


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