Thursday, March 1, 2012

3-1-12 in like a lion

If March really does come in like a lion, it's a very dainty lion, who reads Carl Sandburg and takes after his fog that comes on little cat feet. The flakes don't last a second on the warmer tile of the roof before than vanish, but it's so mesmerizing. 

We'll see if this lion roars by tonight. 
(Several inches are projected for the next few hours, so if I post another video later of completely dry streets, that will be why.)

In puppy news, this was earlier in the week:

In cat news, not much change:

(that pillowcase on the bottom was once black...)

Well, there is one development. 
Faith seems to have decided to take up photography. 
I looked over and found her doing this:

Yes, she is sound asleep.


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