Friday, March 30, 2012

3-30-12 Katy lite

After we got home from the eye doctor and were generally stuck doing something we didn't need to see very well to do for the next couple of hours, I got the bright idea, hey! let's shave the dog!

Once a year at springtime we shave Katy's winter übercoat off, which generally results in us being shocked at how much thinner she appears. That is the thickest thing in the world and it has be a scientific marvel as insulation. I'd kept putting it off, sure we would be getting a late snow blast, but, like washing the car, if it happens, it's going to happen after she's shaved.

One would think it might be helpful to see during this procedure, but the hard truth of the matter is, for the first hour, you are blindly throwing those shears with no guard against a wall of hair, with the motor getting hotter and hotter in your hand until you have to stop and survey the damage. It's the next day, with the detail work, that you should probably be able to see for.

The work in progress (with Evan very nervously watching to see if he was next):


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