Sunday, March 4, 2012

3-4-12 Dear Nick, hurry home. But pack nothing.

Dear Nick,

In less than a week you will be home and I cannot wait to see you and give you gigantic hugs, and make you meals, and spoil you rotten.

However, it has come to my attention after organizing your room and getting it ready for your arrival that you probably do not need to pack anything for the week. No, wait. Pack jeans. Everything else, you're good.

There are seven pairs of pajama pants, three night shirts, a pair of athletic shorts, and a quarterback hand warmer you left here in drawer #1.

There are two dozen t-shirts, and a dozen workout cut-off shirts in drawer #2. This does not include the three dozen high school shirts that were culled and put away in the memory box.

In drawer #3, there are almost a dozen pair of underwear, brand new I should add, which makes me think you should pack your underwear you took to school so I can undertake a panty raid and dispose of the ones with the shot elastic you must have squirreled away in your luggage. You also have 9 sweatbands, an athletic towel, five pairs of black socks, and 8 pairs of white socks, a mix of the low cut and the old-man 3/4 tube socks that are so in style now.

You have half a dozen jerseys and dress shirts, five hoodies, every pair of dress pants you own, AND a robe still hanging in the closet. We also discovered 5 pairs of shoes. Have you been running around naked in Texas?

You have a new poster, your favorite cookies and cream candy, your favorite gum, and all the Sports Illustrated issues that have arrived since January including, ahem, the Swimsuit Issue, waiting for you. And Bruiser.

You have a TV in your room for the XBox I'm sure you will not travel home without, and three out of four drawers empty for those aforementioned jeans and underwear you should bring along.

All that's missing now is you.

Five days away!


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