Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-12 The Bank Story

First errand of the morning was to drop off a real paper check at the bank. Bob typically does this during a workday once a month, with the one paper check that arrives separately from the direct deposit for some unknown reason, but this month he hadn't gotten around to it.

This meant I got to fill out the deposit slip. I had to ask to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything because it's probably been two years since I've been to the bank. And he says to me, "Well, at least you remembered you needed one."

Well, yes. 

The infamous bank story.

So, it's 1988, I'm 18, away at college for the first time ever, and about a month into the semester, Dad sends a check to me to put into my brand spanking new account that he'd help me open before I moved.

So my roomates, Melinda, Emy, and Suzy, hop into my boat of a Crown Victoria and off we go from the dorm to the bank drive-through as our first stop of the night. 

It seems to be taking a ridiculously long time. We're talking at least 15 minutes just waiting after I send the little tube flying over to them. Luckily the other lines weren't busy, but that made it all the more puzzling. 

Finally, the little vacuum tube drops back to us, kind of heavier than normal, and lo and behold, I am pulling out a two inch thick envelope filled with small bills.

No one ever explained to me that they would not assume when I gave them a check that I wanted it deposited. I just assumed they'd match my name to the name on my account at the bank (magically, with no tracking number, of course) and put it there.

I can only imagine the conversations that had been taking place in the bank, and quite probably the sizing up of the four college girls in the ex-cop looking car, wondering if we were on our way to some big drug score or gambling ring.

It's at this point Emy starts laughing hysterically and I decide its much better to just drive away than go through the humiliation of sending it back with an explanation. 

Later that night a large sum of cash is deposited, with a deposit slip, at the other branch of the bank across town.

look, kids! This is called a DEPOSIT slip. 


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