Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-12 Akhal-Teke

With all the horse camp stuff, I was delighted to find this picture at the top of my news feed this morning. What a stunning example of why the myth of the unicorn isn't so far fetched.

The Akhal-Teke is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, a descendant of the Nicean horse, and ancient to its home in Turkmenistan, where its shimmering coat blends in well with its desert surroundings.

And its worth sharing since it's not every day you get to see a picture of a shimmering horse walking by a submarine.


  1. What a gorgeous horse! Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know its name and who does it belong to? Thank you from Portugal

    1. In Deutschland nennen wir sie "Achal-Tekkiner"!
      Sind wirklich zauberhaft...noch Flügel, dann steht ein Himmelspferd oder Einhorn oder ein Märchenpferd da!
      Ich bin auch Fan, obwohl ich alle Tiere Liebe, und Araber sind ja auch sehr "besonders"

    2. Sorry for These mistakes! This are not my words!
      Achal-Tekkiner are coming from Turkey, Russia, out of this region of our world!
      Hope, that now translation is okay!? :-D ;-)

  2. great horse ..... it looks like cristiano ronaldo ;-) like me if i am true ;-)

  3. i thought it is iranian torkmen horse

  4. مرحبا اود ان اشكرك علي الاهتمام تحياتي

  5. at first i thought it was fake and made out of gold on google pictures i looked it up because i heared of the name and i thought it was fake when it saw the beautiful horse i was amazed it was a real horse. And i can understand how i can be one of the oldest breeds. I wish i could see one in person. It looks like a amazing kind of horse (and probably a pain in the neck to keep it's furr clean).