Thursday, March 8, 2012

3-8-12 for my doll

My real one, who is sick on the couch beside me this afternoon hacking up a lung.

Barbara, a friend from years ago when her Evaline and my Nick were about 5, found me on Facebook this week and as I was digging through the photos today to find the one of our two kiddos together, I came across some of Samantha from that time that made me smile. These range from '96 to '98.

We were talking this week about how it's so much easier when someone asks her about her smallness or asymmetry than just wondering why she's different and shying away from her. In these pictures, though, she didn't know, didn't worry about it, didn't care. She was, and still is, just this huge personality in this tiny body.  And when she's alone in a picture, it's even difficult to tell how much smaller she was to everyone else her age.

We caught a piece on the solar storms going on today while we were having lunch and she said, "Does it make me a geek that this really excites me?" I said, "Of course! I'm so proud." And as they were showing the pictures of the storm I looked over and said, "You know, that's pretty much you on the inside." Right then, the announcer started talking about how the flares could disrupt electronics and we both burst out laughing.

Herewith, solar storm, the younger days:



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