Thursday, March 1, 2012

3-1-12 the relative problems of the wealthy

Today, this.

The family that lives in this 30,000 square foot mansion with its 24 gold carat ceilings and glass elevator have reportedly been busted for enslaving an illegal immigrant for the past five plus years of her life, working her from morning to night without being allowed a sick day, or health benefits, or a day off, and paying her about 85 cents an hour. In five years, she made $29,000.

Yesterday, that.

The "crushing setbacks" of the wealthy Wall Street bankers who may have to cut their summering in the Hamptons to only one month this year instead of four and can't imagine the horror of sending their children anywhere but their private prep schools because they might actually meet people with real problems. Then again, the enslaved illegal immigrants are playing nanny to the kids, so I guess they do get some diversity training.


And yet...

how relative indeed.

What must those of us, rolling our eyes at the rich in these articles, look like to the kid on the reservation who shares a mobile home with 20 other relatives, has no running water, and only occasional electricity when someone pays the bill, who doesn't know if there will be enough dinner to be able to go to bed without being ravenously hungry?  


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