Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12 Auto Mouse Mover

I have log-in fatigue.

I log-in to approximately (having taken a count this morning) 25 different systems to get all of my work screens up and running. Every one is a different user name and password. And about half of them require changing every 6-8 weeks, on a rotating basis you cannot choose, at different times. I'm still always amazed that I keep track of this stuff. Good brain, stay the course.

Two of these log-ins, however, are on remote computers that time-out after a ridiculously short period, locking themselves until you enter yet another password every time you want to go back to that screen to work. These are remote systems I do not have administrator privileges over so making it just "not do that" is not an option.

Add to this the insanity of most of the dealer management systems requiring ALLCAPS, and most everything else being case sensitive, and I am typing these log-ins twice most times, first still in CAPS, then when it rejects me, changing it to lowercase, then back to CAPS for the next DMS log-in screen.

This past week, after logging in for the upteenth time in a day, I went hunting and found the Auto Mouse Mover. To say this changed my life might be a bit dramatic, but I will say I get a little thrill every time I pull up a screen and I don't have to log back in to the computer because of this little program.

It makes the computer stay active because it moves the mouse an infinitesimal amount after being idle for 10 seconds. Brilliant. And it's not something I have to install through administrator privileges,  since it operates as a stand alone. Brilliant, I say!


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