Friday, March 2, 2012

3-2-12 bluebonnet season

Bluebonnet season is upon us. Well, not us, now. Us when we lived in Navasota, and everyone else now who still lives in the area.

These, I do miss.

Several people had posted about seeing them starting up, so I went back to look at the the last season I was around for them.

And in the process of looking for the last bluebonnet pictures I ever took, I saw this:

Spring, 2007, 5 years and such a lifetime ago.

Which got me to thinking about hair, and that the last time I had a haircut (instead of the teeny-tiny trims I never want to get now, was almost exactly three years ago.

What does three years of growing the hair out look like?

Well, if I give myself an extra couple of inches by throwing my head back, it gets to right about here: 

Longest it's ever been. It may take me another decade, but I'm going for another 6 inches at least.

And at that point, I'm going back for bluebonnet pictures. 


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