Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12 Happy Pi Day

Pi Day Pie, mmmmmmm.

I would like to personally thank the photographer for capturing this moment from the angle nearest the pie. Mom and Dad's rehearsal dinner, May 1968: doesn't matter what was for dinner. There was church ladies' pie for dessert.

If you are not from the south, perhaps this doesn't resonate as much as it should. Southern church ladies of this era knew comfort food. All this low-fat, lo-cal, smaller portion, no-carb stuff wasn't around. You wanted to celebrate? or mourn? Spend the entire day in the kitchen cooking. Break out the lard (pork fat back) and 10 cups of flour and salt and start frying up the chicken in the cast iron skillets. Roll out that homemade dough into a flaky butter-stuffed pie crust and whip those 50 egg whites with cups of sugar until they reach the ceiling. Make a pie filling so decedent you swoon into a sugar coma at the first bite. That's how you do it.

I  can't look at this picture: that chocolate meringue pie, the toasty golden apple pie, and most likely a lemon meringue closest to us, without salivating profusely.

I also can't let Pi Day pass without having the nearest-I-can-get-to-church-ladies' pie in celebration. We definitely need more Pi(e) related holidays.

Please note:the Pi Day Pie must also have the correct ratio of meringue to filling to be mathematically sound.


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