Saturday, March 17, 2012

3-17-12 back to Raton

The end of Nick's Spring Break meant I spent the day in the car again, driving him half the route and meeting Bob Sr. in Raton for a Nick exchange. He flies out of Amarillo tomorrow

And, of course, the week just flew by. I barely even managed to snap more than a handful of pictures of the boy.

Breakfast in bed on Monday:

Hanging with Fisher, who believes this is actually her room now.

The Tuesday makeover:

The Tuesday night trip to Target:

On Pi(e) Day, which he went and got for me:

The Thursday lunch: 3 mommy-made grilled pepperoni and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup:

The Friday night sunglasses pose:

And then it was today and time to go. 

Nick made sure to get a picture of our bear crossing sign at Raton Pass that we missed last weekend. (As well as the Snoopy Jeep from the post before!)

And in Raton with the two granddads

And one last Mom and Nick pic until May

After hitting the road at 9:00 this morning and getting back after 5:00, it was a long but beautiful day. I snapped these about 10 minutes from home, all the landscape pictures I would think to take.

And I'm already missing him, but he's got work to take care of and a whole lot of dreams to realize. 

And then I found this, which he must have posted at some point when we were on the road. 

I love you, my boy. You make me proud every day. 


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