Friday, March 23, 2012

3-23-12 the purse contents

I've read that you can tell a lot about a woman by examining the contents of her purse. Today, since I was trading out from one purse to another, I decided I'd try to figure out what mine says about me.

In short, using positive adjectives: eccentric? eclectic? quirky? are probably the best fit. (But kinda fun, too.

So, here's the evidence:

1. One checkbook, with my little journal tucked inside, and all the dentist appointment cards I just made this week for me, Sam, and Nick.
2. Indigo the Ipod
3. my bible
4. a coin purse bursting with pennies
5. my ladybug book, stuffed and spilling out (more on that later)
6. my tin of toast bandages
7. a bottle of ibuprofen
8. TWO packages of Trident cinnamon gum
9. a hairbrush
10. an empty Snow White bag that I found at goodwill on Sunday, dropped in the purse on Monday, and promptly forgot about
11. the phone
12. the keys with wallet attached
13. 3/4s of a Bit o Honey
14. a Van Gogh handkerchief, still in its perfect square in the package
15. a box with an impressionist painting on the top that used to have mints but is now empty (but has held pebbles)
16. a picture of Mom and I that I keep intending to get to the scanner
17. the Museum of Nature and Science ticket from Sunday
18. the 1 2 3 Pho business card I picked up today
19. one tube of Bert's Bees Pomegranate lip balm which I never go anywhere without

The Museum ticket and Pho card are actually destined for the lady bug book, which I opened and dumped on the table to see how far behind I am gluing things into it. I bought this pretty little thing two summers ago at Garden of the Gods when Courtney was visiting and I starting pasting receipts and cards and flat stuff I liked inside as it came to me. But somewhere, not long after I started, I got lazy and began just stuffing things inside of it to organize later.

And it has been quite awhile. It appears I only glued things in for a couple of months because, loose inside, I rediscovered my Red Rocks ticket to John Mayer (Row 3!) from September 1, 2010. There are various snoopy related items, my one letterbox stamp I found more than a year ago (will revive that hunt this spring), an empty Whataburger gift card from Steph, a Denver Zoo ticket, tickets to ZZ Top and Cake Boss from the Paramount theater, three flower cards from Marci (who I just talked to yesterday after MONTHS -- miss you!), Vicki (miss you!), and Cjo (miss you!) from surgery last April, a receipt from Manitou Springs Coquette's Bistro and Bakery where Deana and I had breakfast one beautiful fall morning last season, an I LOVE PIE cut-out from a pie box from Village Inn, and seven movie tickets, which is apparently every movie I have attended in 2011 and '12: 127 Hours in Feb. '11, Pirates 4 in May, Green Lantern in June, The Help in August, Sherlock Holmes in December, Beauty and the Beast Jan. '12, and The Phantom Menace in 3D last month. And three feathers: one very small peacock one, one duck, and a geese.

I even found, already pasted inside, the key to beating that little triangle game they have on all the tables at Cracker Barrel, which I've had and forgotten about each time we're puzzling over it. Brilliant! 


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