Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3-21-12 the new/old project

Years ago I'd taken Dad's collection of slides, boxes and boxes of them, and scanned through them.

At the time I wasn't particularly meticulous about checking every slide to see clearly what was in them and, if I didn't recognize it right away, I skipped over it, mostly because the task seemed so daunting:80 slide slots per reel, and close to 50 boxes.

Over the past year I've been itching to go slower and work through them again, hunting for the buried treasure I may have missed the first time.

But I'd changed out my printer several times over since then and the current model, perfect for everything I need to do work-wise, does not scan slide film.

So this last Saturday, as Dad and I drove back to Raton and we were talking about the past and trips and people, I decided to finally tackle getting the old slide scanner back in action. I pulled 6 reels out of the basement and took Dad's slide light, which is basically a light bulb harnessed to the back of some plastic that you can put your slides on and see clearly what is on the film without using a projector.

I knew where the printer itself was, but it took some hunting to find the slide bracket required, and then the realization the power cord was long gone. I found the drivers easily enough and downloaded them to the laptop. And then I had to remember the settings for getting the slides scanned so that they didn't end up being postage stamp sized.

And as it turns out, at least in the 6 reels I started out with, I did a pretty thorough job the first time through. There were a few gems I hadn't already found though.

Today, the first fruits of my results:

Somersaulting in Mammammy's front yard

Watching the dancers at Alabama Coushatta

Box kite flying at Dobie

A grandaddy birthday, circa 1974, so he would have been turning 62 here.

Perhaps the inaugural set-up of the famed blue tent?

Pickle picnic!

Apparently, I was quite thirsty.


I blogged recently about the memory of Mom's sewing drawers, the bottom one containing the felt and googly eyes for stuffed animals. Amy is holding on of mom's homemade creations.

and this is what I'm about to look like in 5..4..3..2..


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