Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-12 The Black and White Session (1974)

I need to get Mom and Dad to confirm on the date, but I'm thinking this is 1974 and the group I have scanned seems like it might have been a single roll of black and white. There are 19 photos in all and they are the only black and white slides I came across from Dad's many boxes.

Surprise! Green couches look a lot better in black and white. Green curtains, green recliner, and off to the side, a bright orange overstuffed chair, against all that brown wood paneling. It really does lose something in a black and white photo, no?

Those are some baggy pants. Must have been a "she'll grow into them" pair.

The 70s galley kitchen, complete with calender dish towel! Again, you lose the really 70s sense without the harvest gold appliances and wallpaper. I do spy my cookie jar peeking out on the top of the refrigerator. 

Behind the louvered doors was the front hall and front room facing the street. Favorite memories here include the braided rug I rolled around on, the small black and white TV with antenna, and my baby doll carriage complete with vinyl collapsible sunshade. What I can't place is the metronome looking thing between the TV and the speaker. And both Dad and I look less than thrilled.

Oh, the beloved bike. It was orange with a black banana seat, and those awesome handlebars. I saw it in the front window of the Five and Dime in Mexia with Mammammy and, even though she tried to talk me out of it because it was a "boy's bike", my love for it won her over. 

In the back yard, sliding like a boss in my cowboy boots. 

Did anyone actually sit in these swings? Guess it was because of the only child thing, but I always assumed this is what they were made for.

Different day, neighbor's cat, possibly?

My room, sleeping on the floor as usual, crashed on my baby pillow in between me and the big pillow, with my blankie and my Charlie Brown book and big stuffed puppy and records. This is happiness.

This is what the bed was made for. Mom painted the Raggedy Ann picture on the wall and I think she made the bedspread and curtains.

Mom was all dressed up for some occasion and I, obviously, was not going. 
Another of her paintings on the wall behind us. 

Mom and one of my favorite paintings of hers.

The frowny face picture with my Ronald doll. I walked pigeon toed for a good part of  my childhood, as my inward pointed toes would suggest. Check out the built-in desk with curvy edges and the wall phone behind me. 

I remember that red robe so vividly. It was a soft quilted cotton, but I always had to unbutton it because it was so warm.

I call this one Mom with Cookbook. The picture with its individual panes on the wall, the wallpaper, and spice rack, and Mr. Coffee, and cookie jar, and salt and pepper holder, all of it just comes rushing back. Didn't everyone have that picture hanging somewhere in their home? I can't seem to find any information on them. 

The last of the set, which is a bit of a mystery since I'm obviously asleep on the back of the car going somewhere. I think that's the seat belt I'm holding to keep it from cutting into my neck. Yeah, that'll work great in a wreck! 


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