Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2-22-12 Once more over the hump, dear friends

With apologies to Henry V and Shakespeare for the title, it's been an odd week but here we are right back at Wednesday and heading straight into the next weekend before we know it. The dominoes keep on toppling over and before we know it it'll be March.

We're taking the week off from the gym before hitting it hard and changing it up starting next Monday which means I've been sleeping in until it's light outside, which feels absolutely decadent, and we had pizza for dinner last night, which we haven't done in a long while thanks to the diet. I shall pay for all of this next week. But not now.

We drove to pick up Bob from his return from MegaCon (a future blog once I get the pictures arranged) Monday night. Since it's a pretty quiet drive on the tollway out to DIA, Sammi decided she was ready to jump from the neighborhood streets to the highway. As we were merging on to C-470, in the dark, at 70 miles an hour, it occurred to me perhaps the first highway driving and the first night driving weren't the best things to combine together, but she did great.

We manage to hit baggage claim about two minutes ahead of Bob, who was a mixture of elation and complete exhaustion from such a great time. 

And on his day off to recoup yesterday and get ready to return to the real world today, he commemorated the culmination of his fantabulous weekend with the long-planned Bat Tat:

Since he's been talking about this since around the time we met and designing this particular one for more than year, the great year of "Cape Shape" of 2011, it seemed like the right time, finally. 

I'm reading about Houston friends thinking about spring already and I look outside at the gray skies and the snow that's expected again overnight, as well as the plans to go skiing soon, and think, nope, not ready yet. I'm with the groundhog on this one. Give me another month of winter, at least.  


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