Friday, August 2, 2013

08/02/13 Reunion Weekend begins

In the seat in front of me on the way to Austin

 so fluffy

 Ah, right. Welcome to Texas.

Pascal was a gift for my birthday from Marci, from Disney World. He is our reunion mascot for the weekend.

Burned Bastrop

Friday morning breakfast: The Hot Bagel Shop hole in the wall NY style shop

Breakfast in hand, we walked Hermann park. Marci had to take a conference call, so I fed a nearby squirrel and then wandered under the trees. When I looked back, he was trying to figure out where his meal ticket went.

Ah, there you are.

you feed one pigeon, and this happens in 1.21 seconds

More hand feeding

Why aren't you feeding me, too?

We also hit up the old neighborhood, and the childhood home is undergoing a redemption of sorts. That sign in front announces that a Home Church meets here on Sundays at 9:30. Plants are growing again, the gate is fixed, and the lawn is green. There are actually blinds instead of boards in the windows. Hallelujah. 

We ate lunch at C&D Burger Shop, which has not changed, in spite of everything around it.

We also drove by the Clear Lake House, still sporting that Palmetto tree Dad hates.

file under: signs you don't see in Colorado

Our cottage for the weekend

Dinner with Steph at Outriggers, about a mile from the house and  right on the bay, near where the old Pier 8 was. 

The Veteran's Memorial across the street from the house

and fireworks over the Boardwalk seen from our front porch to end the night.


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