Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13/13 The Last First Day of (Public) School

Somehow. it's already time to go into Lasts mode again, as Sam starts her senior year of high school today. 

Doesn't seem possible.

This happened almost 18 years ago and in the blink of an eye.

So, I think to myself, I'll pull out some school pictures through the years for the blog today. 


About that.

I don't seem to have very many school pictures of the girl doing her school things. At all. 

Sorry, grandparents. I kind of dropped the ball on this one. 

So here's what I came up with, in a "none of this totally goes together but I'm still aiming for a Sam School theme anyway."

look at that tiny right hand! I couldn't imagine how Sam would cope thrown in with kids her own age but twice her size. 

But how much better can it be to have your own Muna as your preschool teacher?

with a few modifications, Sam learned how to get through any school obstacle.

And you know all those great Pinterest ideas about posing your kid on the first day of school each year to watch them grow? Yeah, that didn't happen either. Looking through the mess of scans, I'm lucky to account for just a few of her teachers over the years, and almost none of those first days (including today).

One of the few school pictures I seem to have scanned and I couldn't tell you the year. I'm guessing second grade?

The school Sam wishes she'd gotten to attend. (Fourth grade?)

Okay, I'm sure about this one: 5th grade (last in Texas) at an Art Awards show, so, hey, it's school related.

Saddle Ranch Choir . .  7th grade, maybe? Sam decided to let choir go her senior year, and stick with ASL for a third year instead (schedule conflicts made her choose). This will be the first year since 6th grade that we're not going to choir concerts. Because I actually snapped pictures of her doing something school related that way.

9th grade choir

9th grade art show

9th grade school picture! Go me.

My senior and freshman on their Field Day (or sorts, or close enough since I don't feel like explaining the homecoming oddness here)

The Sophomore year

Sophomore Choir

Sophomore Art

 Junior year homecoming dance (one of the only ones she agreed to attend.) She's always known what fits and not been afraid to let the rest of it go. Not even sure about prom at this point.

(somewhere I have to have Sam and one piece of her junior art. To hold the space, here's Frank by himself, although Sam's feet are just visible, standing on a chair to take the picture)

What turned out to be the very last choir concert.

And, as I was realizing she'd gotten off to school this morning for her last first day while I was at boot camp, I get this on my phone:

My Senior Artist 
who now isn't sure she wants to go to art school. 

Aaaannd... yep. That about brings everyone up to speed on the entire photographic history of Samantha in school.  Maybe by graduation I'll have managed to organize and discover a few more, but don't hold your breath.


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