Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/13 the rest of Sunday

In a break from shooting Sam portraits, we did grab lunch at our favorite place and, as always, there was pie and coffee. 

And rain. A LOT of rain, about two minutes after we sat down. I'd been watching the clouds gather as we'd moved around doing sets, in between costume changes, thinking, "those clouds look pretty heavy" but we were happily inside at a table by the window when it finally let loose. The view from our table, looking out at my happy little parking space below.

It let up and we finished the day with the shots near the waterfall, still sprinkling. As we pulled away, the car said it was 61° outside (at 1:00). When we got home at 2:00, it read 91°. Ah, life in the mountains is calling.

After some photo editing and a shower, I was off to meet Amber for our planned monthly girls' night. Amber has two boys, ages 3 and 4. I have no illusions who needed this evening more.  

I beat her to Los Dos and took this picture with the caption, "True friendship is knowing you can salt the chips before your friend arrives." 

Fresh mint and lime mojito! For some reason, I guess because the food arrived and we were consumed with talking and inhaling our chili rellanos, there are no additional pictures of dinner.

Amber had suggested a wine bar for after dinner and we'd scoped out one in Littleton, but I suggested, if she wanted to stow her takeout box at my place, we could drive together to Morrison and hit up Flights instead. That turned out to be a perfect choice.

We had the entire place to ourselves, and it was a lovely evening by the running water, in the shade, watching the light fade away. 

We also split a tuxedo bomb, which we had to be mindful about not gobbling down and having no more dessert with our wine flights. 

We talked and talked. I am so very thankful for my girl friends, past, present, and always, who keep me sane. I don't know how I spent so many years pretty much cut off from everyone without these regular evenings.

So we shut the place down. And as I glanced up, between the trees, past the grape lights which were the only thing you could see by on the patio, I saw this peeking back at me. 

We paid and wandered back out the garden to the car, not in any hurry to go home. 

So we made our way up to Red Rocks and watched the bright lights of Denver and the almost full moon in the dark. 


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