Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/03/13 The 25th Reunion

Of surreal days, this one ranks right up at the top. 

A few shots from the 25th reunion:

Proof positive that I am not acclimated to this infernal heat: it never occurred to me that I should sweat test whatever I was wearing to the reunion. We spent the first two hours (5-7) outside. Brilliant mind that I am, I included chocolate in the giveaways. Guess how that turned out. In my defense, none of my Texas co-planners ever said, "Um, hey, maybe you should reconsider."

We ended up with about 75 alums from our class, but there was no space or way to wrangle everyone. This was the biggest group shot we got.

The co-conspirators, many thanks to Shelley, Marci, and Steph for all your help!


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