Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5/13 Curses

Nick has been watching underdog movies: Rudy, Invincible. Tonight? Rocky.

He referenced the scene above from Friday Night Lights today (trying not to think like the kid and more like the coach). 

It took me a long time to realize that  there ain't much difference between winning and losing, except for how the outside world treats you. But inside you, it's about all the same. It really is. Fact of the matter is, I believe that  our only curses are the ones that are self-imposed. You know what I'm saying? We, all of us, dig our own holes.

When not in PT, or his twice a day, very long (two hour) workouts, or out throwing, or studying the playbook, or watching film, it comes down to talking through the mental side of things. And the toughest part now, is fighting self doubt while he waits. Waiting to go to school (6 days), waiting to start training (8 days), waiting for the final roster announcement (how many days?), waiting for the first game (a month and two days.)

I correct him daily as he's talking through things. "Not if. When. Say "when" because it's going to happen. You have to believe it so much, even your vocabulary shifts in your interior monologue. Put it out into the universe as a reality."

And then, of course, I also throw in deep thought such as this:  

Just keeping it real for the last week I've got him.


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