Friday, August 23, 2013

8/23/13 Bat-NO

Let me begin by saying, I am a typical Facebook user. I have over 500 "friends" and check FB about as often as email during the day, since it is a primary source of information from people I tend to believe that I care about. 

I also hide/block/unfriend people, depending on the severity of the clash of mindsets, pretty regularly. I use Facebook as a tool that fits my interests and my energies. My newsfeed is not a free-for-all democracy. It's my space. (Heh.) 

It's not as though you'll receive a notification that I am avoiding your particular rant on a given day/week/month (at which point when your friend count goes down by one, you'll have to figure out it was me who bailed.) 

My parents are on Facebook and not among my "friends" out of some lovely unspoken mutual affection for one another that precludes the need. Maybe it's because of the blog...

You want to post something on my wall? How about some fantastic space discovery, or the moon, or mountains, or sunrise, or sunset, or sunflowers, or flowers in general, or even cats if they're cute enough, and always border collies, and lions and tigers, and hiking, and photography, and historical photos, and music that I like (Billy Joel, Sara Bareilles, Richard Marx, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Finn, Billie Holiday, Ray Lamontagne, Suzanne Vega, you know, the good stuff), or writing, or books we both love, or body acceptance, or women's empowerment, or just sweet fluffy clouds, then awesome.  I like all of those things. Share them with me. 


It's with some building aggravation that I find myself getting postings of Batman-related things put on my wall, quite often, by many disparate people, some of whom only vaguely remember that they see Batman things show up in their newsfeed posted under my name so I must, although entirely out of character, be a Batman fan. 

Let me set the record straight:

I am not a Batman fan. 

I don't read comic books. 

I don't wear Batman clothing.

I don't wear Batman jewelry.

I don't have a Batman tattoo.

I don't have Batman things stuck on my car or dangling from the rearview mirror. 

I don't dress up as Batman.

That'd be Bob.

I do admit to driving my husband crazy asking questions and howling at plot inconsistencies and snorting at stultifying dialogue during most of his action movies, the Batman ones included. (And, he now mostly watches these when I'm not around or busy focused on other things now. We all cope in our own ways.)

Here is my entire "opinion" of the various big screen Batman actors: I thought Michael Keaton was short; I ached for the Real Genius days of Val Kilmer; I winced at George Clooney who just looked utterly lost; and I couldn't stop trying to figure out Christian Bale's teeth makeover since The Prestige, or, additionally, wonder how he didn't need throat surgery after doing that ridiculous voice.

And now: the news of Ben Affleck cast as the next Batman.

I've accepted some friend requests from some of Bob's friends who've sent them to me over the past few years, so today I have added "Batman" to the list of words I want blocked out of my newsfeed,  as this has become the news du jour in the comic community. On the upside, I'm seeing a lot of border collie pictures in their place. 

Seemed like irritation averted.

And then?

Bob goes and TAGS me in a status update about all of the discussion of the Batman/Ben Affleck drama, so all afternoon every notification I get has nothing to do with me -- every comment (2o and counting), every "like" (40 and counting), ding! To be fair, the post was about how people really need to get a life and stop doing insane things like petition the White House to re-cast the movie. (Quite horribly, not a joke.) But I did NOT need to be tagged in it. 

my go-to photo these days

So, in the interest of brevity and my complete lack of interest in anything Bat-related, let's keep this short and sweet:

P.S. This also includes football.


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