Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/17/13 Senior Sam practice

So, I begged off of the charity event since Emily's flight was late in the afternoon and I couldn't get everything done in the day if the whole evening was standing around taking photos at the Aurora Rise event. I'd spotted this field in full bloom last Saturday and nearly driven off the road staring at it. So today, I mentioned it to Sam and said, if she was game, after we'd gotten Emily to security, we might check out how close we could actually get to the field from the road without trespassing. 

Since we're spending tomorrow trying to capture that perfect Senior yearbook shot, it seemed like a good idea to play around with posing so she could see herself on the screen this evening and figure out what she liked and what she didn't about her angles and smiles, etc. 

I'm still working on lighting, especially with a subject in the foreground and a blow out sky behind, but it was a good tryout. She ditched the sweater she'd worn and took my shirt instead. Good thing I regularly dress in layers.

Here's the ones we both really liked (except for the lighting...)


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