Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/10/13 Special Olympics Plane Pull

Special Olympics Plane Pull at Denver International Airport

The expected photog wasn't there, so I stepped in. A few shots from the morning:

Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl made the news at the 5:00 mark here

 She assured us, she was not affiliated with the Joker

The Adams County cops insisted on getting Batman on the Lenco for some shots

Jessie's uncle Brian with his car among all the municipalities that came out to support Special Olympics

Nick found the kid games.

Hit the mark every time, even in slicky gloves.

Green Lantern shops at GNC. A LOT. 

 Envision green will power emanating to the plane, once I can play around in Photoshop.

The bomb sniffing heroes were on hand, too.

Free donuts!

what the...

she was super stoked to meet Wonder Woman

 Another future Photoshop project

 The Custodial staff wanted a picture, too.

This guy was an excited Green Lantern fan

and yes, if you can see the sign, DeIce Man Cometh 
(but not today)


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