Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/13 Senior Sam portraits

The first weekend of Senior Portrait shots in the bag. 

We've got plans for next weekend in Colorado Springs and another set at the downtown Clock Tower where Jessie is the event coordinator (and where Sam will do her senior project) planned as well, so we're on a roll!

The filtered options

I so wish I'd done this with Nick, although, to be fair, I'm not sure he'd have been quite as game to get out and play. When Sam came to me and asked if I'd do it instead of going to a professional (cough, cough $750) I have to admit feeling thrilled, not only at saving that money, but that she trusts me enough to do a good job for her. 

We had a blast and, as she put it, "It's so much better taking pictures at 'our places' and not some cookie cutter studio where every person poses in front of the same truck/wall/tree."

Lots of our shots aren't "yearbook worthy" but are so much more precious because they captured a moment in time that we'll have when the stuffy "head shot" portraits are long forgotten. Good stuff.


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