Thursday, August 8, 2013

8/8/13 colds are for sick people

Colds are for people whose immune systems are stressed. I'm not stressed! Not at all! Should be a snap to get over (she stupidly thought last Tuesday).

Did I really just google the tissue count on a box of Puffs? Yes. Yes, I did.  Apparently the count is printed on the part you peel off and toss to expose the tissues, which is completely stupid, because when you do peel off the top, you are thinking, "Hm, I haven't needed tissues in a very long time, better break open the new box" and not, "I'd better see how many I'm starting with so when I have blown through HALF the dang box in a week, I can appreciate the use of 100 freakin' tissues with this stupid cold that just will.not.go.away. Add the dozens of tissues I used while travelling and I'm sure it's pushing a full Puffs box total.

Didn't we all agree with the cold virus that 7 days was the limit? This is day 9. Where do I file a complaint? I have been accused of landing Steph in the hospital (turned out to be strep and I'm mulling her apology), and have doubtless grossed out everyone I've come in contact with over the past week, especially the poor folks who had to sit beside me on both flights as the cabin pressure made the mucus fly. Every time the attendant walked through with trash, here I am with my handfuls, sitting in the window seat. Charming, no doubt.

And either the cold medicine or another bug has managed to completely throw off my appetite so that I'm either not eating, or making myself eat and feeling even sicker. Not like I have a ton of work to catch up on from being gone, or visitors at the house (Emily until next Saturday and Nick's roomate Travis last night) or a charity event to shoot Saturday morning, or boot camp I'm missing because I can't breathe, or a girls night out birthday party in Blackhawk Saturday night, or senior pictures shooting on Sunday with Sam . . .  Nick leaves Sunday for Texas, Sam starts school a week earlier than I had on my calendar, so THIS Tuesday (sorry, Emily, you're going to be bored silly), Marci and Ren are here Labor Day weekend, we're in Texas the following weekend, and at this rate, I'm still going to be endlessly blowing my nose. 


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