Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Balloon Festival Countdown

Sam announced this weekend that she wanted to see the Balloon Festival in person this year, and since the tent spaces supposedly sell-out early (despite almost no one being there last year), as of this morning, we've got reservations in place.

Afterwards, I texted Marci, guessing she'd be busy as usual, and was delighted to get a "Sounds great!" reply instead. 

After last year, we've got a better plan in place so that Marci will arrive Thursday night and we'll set out, with a stop in Santa Fe, early Friday to be sure and get there with plenty of daylight to set up the tent and avoid a sleeping in the car repeat.

Looks like I just found my last hurrah before months of rehab and crutches post-surgery!

Photos and trip report from 2013 here.


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