Friday, May 2, 2014

4/25/14 Friday Flush

I got over to Dobie at 9:00 Friday, determined to make it a full day. 

The entry to what, for me, will always be the "new" Dobie, even though it's been more than a decade.

In the teacher's area of the library is the corner cabinet that holds most of the yearbooks, although now 1974, 1978, and 1979 have gone missing. I reviewed the rest from 1969 through 2000 and pulled some new photos. 

Flipping through them took me two hours before I headed out and over to the Leader offices. 

(the Dobie Library)

The old seal set into the floor at the quad of "old" Dobie has a place at the front doors now. 

I set up shop and pulled out the boxes of photos before deciding to grab lunch at C&D.

The old photos on the wall are pretty interesting. I'm thinking about seeing if Joe Craddock's son who now runs the joint might be interested in doing a piece next year on the history of the place. The old paneled walls and linoleum topped tables, the dozens of community support photos of softball and baseball teams hang on every wall.  It's definitely an untapped corner of nostalgia I'd like to feature. 

And, damn, those burgers are still delicious.

So once I polished off lunch, I dived headfirst into the cabinets and boxes of photos. This time I got serious about organizing them as I shuffled, so that I wasn't covering the same boxes twice. The piles grew and grew all afternoon: sports photos, black and white 5x7s, snapshots, headshots, photos from Marie's family trips interspersed throughout. 

She poked around looking for every place they might be stowed so I could get a handle on what we'd touched and what was still hiding. She found a pile of every edition of the 1975 News, a little paper that covered Clear Lake, Friendswood, and Pearland since 1965 and in 1975 had hired Marie for the Sagemont/Kirkmont beat. Score! 

By the time she was ready to close down for the night I was still looking at two giant boxes I hadn't touched yet. 

I consolidated and toted a giant box home to work through the weekend. 

Besides the dogs, that box was my constant companion. By Monday, they'd all been sorted and I'd scanned and were ready to return. 

Big total today: 296 scans.


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