Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Concerts

Ah, the season is upon us. To summer concert or not? It's an expensive proposition. 

There are not a lot of artists I would never miss in concert, and until Billy Joel's prices went insane he was near the top. 

So, no Billy, no mo'. 

Last summer John Mayer was touring and I made that one with Amber at Red Rocks. His was one of only two I was willing to shell out the bucks for. And I'm not sure I will for him again.

The available list this summer is pretty eclectic, but Sara Bareilles is one of them. 

Sam and I saw her open for One Republic last summer at Red Rocks for her Little Black Dress album and, surprise!, this summer she's still touring the album, this time at Denver Botanic. Do we spend the bucks to see what will essentially be the same concert, in a pretty-but-not-Red-Rocks-pretty space?

Still, it's a Saturday night, which is pretty rare and nice not to have to rush over from work on a weeknight.

But, in the "con" column, there may not be a "we" involved. Sam has taken a summer job with the Colorado Renaissance Festival which runs every weekend. And guess what the LAST weekend is? Yep: August 2 & 3. So, poop. Maybe no Sara.

Then, that same week, but on a Thursday night (not ideal) is Ray Lamontagne at . . . Red Rocks. 

And I have yet to find anyone up here who is a big Ray fan, so the idea of this one is pretty iffy. 

But . . .  Red Rocks.

Still, of all the acts on the Rocks concert series this summer, he's the one I'd be most interested in. I'm not brave enough to deal with the crowd at Soundgarten/Nine Inch Nails, etc.

And then there's this unknown:

Richard Marx's album drops on July 8, which would signal, to me, that there's going to be a tour in the near future, if not late summer, then the fall. He's probably the only person I would happily go alone to see in concert at midnight on a Tuesday in a blizzard in the scariest hole in the wall around. Maybe I should just save up the bucks and wait him out.

yeah. Just... yeah.


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