Friday, May 9, 2014

Graduation Announcements

It took me several tries to figure out how the graduation announcements worked. First I got about half of them into the wrong, larger sized envelope before I remembered these were double enveloped, like wedding invitations, which I never understood the purpose of. 

Then I had to work out where all the little tabs broke apart for tucking. 

And why can't you buy less of these little name cards? The smallest amount was 50, when we only got 20 announcements. What's she supposed to do? Go around leaving them as calling cards?

Anyway, mission, finally accomplished. Except for addresses and actual mailing. 

Oh, and they're all coming with Santa and his reindeer stamps. Don't judge me. I had leftovers from Christmas (maybe two Christmases ago now? Geez, are these even enough postage now?) and going to the post office is right up there with visiting the dentist on my "things I avoid."


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