Saturday, May 10, 2014

5/10/14 Unexpected Saturday

Today was a surprise. 

I wasn't going to get up at the crack of dawn and take a rest day. 

I woke up at 5:10 without an alarm. 

Evan was quite pleased

I had nothing on the agenda, and instead, I found myself stopped on the highway at a complete standstill just outside of Idaho Springs, staring up through the sunroof at blue skies, even though snow is on the way tonight.

(they stopped everyone during their rock blasting phase)

Sam and I met up with Marci and Ren, whom I didn't know were going to be in town until last night. 

We walked along Clear Creek to lunch

The Bear is clearly not a music lover

I love the eclectic nature of this little town

And we had some surprisingly delicious barbecue at the Smokin' Yards BBQ

After lunch, we stopped by the antique place walking back, and Marci and Ren decided on a small desk for the office area they're setting up. Sam and I went to get my car, whose seats will lay down, to transport it back to their home. And then we drove them up to Echo Lake Lodge. The guy at the antique place, while we were gone to get the car, told them the road and the lodge were closed. 

Guess what? That road almost never closes, and the Lodge was open, although not yet with pie.

Trust no one!

By then the clouds were really rolling in, obscuring the mountains beyond the closest in view and the wind was getting very nippy, so we returned to Idaho Springs in search of pie.

I stopped in at a store Sam and I had visited in March and asked, seeing as the proprietor would have no vested interest in getting me to eat anything else, where the best pie in town was. 

So we ended up down the street at the Buffalo Bar.

Good call. 

That's Sam's, "I have made a dangerous miscalculation" face. 
You know it's bad when they stick extra spoons in your dessert.

I, however, was in pie and coffee heaven. Really good coconut cream pie!

Back at Marci and Ren's...

Best surprise of all: they just fixed our Nick Summer problem!

They are planning to be Coloradoans for the summer.
Nick is staying in Austin for the summer.
Guess whose friends all bailed on getting an apartment with him?
And guess who needs a house sitter to do odd jobs around their place all summer?

I love it when a plan comes together.


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