Thursday, May 1, 2014

5/1/14 Summer Epiphany

Back from Houston today. My tree in the front yard bloomed leaves in the past 7 days. Summer is coming.

Tons of photos to edit, hundreds of blog posts on the digital history site to come, work to catch up on, and a blog here on the trip is in the works.

But just now, opening a new tab which launches a different picture each day, I caught my breath. 

They have some amazing photos from all over the world, with a little quote each day, and a place where you can enter your focus for the day. (Writing your goals is a proven help.) Get it here

The breath catching wasn't just for the photo. 

It was because I've taken this photo. Not in September, but when the trees were all green in June.

I've been here. 

It didn't work out the way I wanted, and I didn't get to stay very long, but I made it happen. 

This afternoon Sam was talking about taking a camping trip with her friends, and I thought, "I wanna go camping."

Before this Houston trip, I'd have immediately replied (to myself), "But you can't. Your hip. The surgery."

But I haven't had a Vicodin since a long trek around the zoo on Sunday. 

Mysteriously, the hip is still tight and uncomfortable a lot, but not killing me. I spent most of this trip to Houston drug free, and I think I am ready to stop babying myself out of fear for hurting worse. I have a whole summer ahead. If I have to limp, okay. If I have to pop some pain pills some times, okay. Okay? Okay.

And . . .  I wanna go camping. 


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