Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/22/14 Graduation Day

Today was the day. My youngest is now a high school graduate and we are done with public education, save the taxes. 

Will have to download the musical portion of the event tomorrow since I'm exhausted and barely could stay away long enough to just do the camera tonight.

Kianna warms up the mike

betcha can spot her...

The class was divided up into four sections, with cross walking as names were called by their seminar teachers to speed things up.

Oliver and Mr. N in the procession

Mrs. Richert calls Sam's name

greeting Principal Jennings 

Nick, scanning the program, said, "Long Time? That's like a ten minute song!"
Yes. Yes it is.

The Girl Group Musical Portion of halftime

Half the class (the zoom lens would not accommodate the other half of the class, stage left.

Mrs. Reichert flew in fresh orchid leis from Hawaii to give to her seminar class. They smell amazing.

Proud grandparents

In kindergarten, Mrs. Stenseth sent this home. 12 years later, Sammi opened it. 
Her favorite things to do when she was 5/6? Art and Reading. 
What she was going to be when she grew up? A gymnast.
50/50's not too bad for 5!

a rare photo of the Colorado gang -- thank you Ali!

Sam put her flowers in the vase she'd made in ceramics. Her dessert plate of ceramics is next to it.
And, of course, the cookie cake.

And, of course, Bruiser.


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