Sunday, May 25, 2014

Denver Zoo!

Zebra family

My buddy gave me a pose

I booped 'ur butt

little bears

Camel smile, and vaguely camel root profile

We've never gotten to see the Elephant Passage in action!

big clouded leopard

baby clouded leopard learning the posture, but wait... notice something "off" about that tail?

Iz TWO baby clouded leopards!!


My crew

So many geese families parading around! Some one had one gosling, some had up to five!

Hippo saying cheese

behind the scenes

not quite as far as the trout

Sam was very worried about the depressed orangutan 

Nick's Silverback Gorilla pose, which he's threatened to make into his "sack dance" on the field


Today was lovely, yesterday was lovely, and I've still got a third day on the weekend before having to say goodbye to Nick and Ali for another three months. I think I'll focus on tomorrow and let the after take care of itself.


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