Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5/14/14 Detroit

We didn't get into Detroit until 4:00 and really didn't hold out much hope we could deplane, get over to the rental place, and make it to the Motown Museum before the last tour at 5:00. 

We went anyway, pulled up at 5:10 and Jordan gave us our own private tour at the end of the day. 

We stood in Studio A, in the same spots where Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, The Tempations, Smoky Robinson, The Supremes, The Jackson Five, and so many others recorded countless hits. The 1877 Steinway, refinished by Paul McCartney last year, sits in the center of the room. The Barry Gordy apartment is preserved to period, as well as offices and the candy machine the eleven year old Stevie Wonder would always hit up, fourth knob from the right, to get his Baby Ruth for 10 cents. There are costumes, records, and wonderful photographs throughout. Well worth checking out if you're ever in Detroit! Khila also took a bunch of great photos while I was driving, but I'll have to wait until she can offload them and email them to me to share.  

just down the road, you can still see the Hitsville house at the end of the row 

Baby goslings outside the Grand Tavern where we hit up the Audi meet and greet. 

And, to top it off: surprise suite!

Hitting the sack for a full day of training tomorrow, but thanks to meeting Khila at training last year, I can safely say we are having a much better time this year together!


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