Monday, May 5, 2014

Monterey House Candy Experience

Oh, one more Houston thing. About that Monterey House candy...

I blogged about discovering that the original candy maker is still going and selling his candy monthly. I got on the email list and ordered a pound for me and a pound for Lisa who agreed to pick it up and save mine until April for me, to save the shipping costs.

We had a number of missed meetings until Sunday afternoon, when I finally made to the same place as Lisa . . .  who told me my pound was a lot fresher than I knew. She'd eaten mine! But she'd contacted Gina and gotten me a replacement batch just made last week.

To get it exactly the consistency of the chip basket, it needed to sit out for a couple of days to get a bit drier. What you see above, sitting out for about an hour in Colorado, does the same thing it takes 48 hours in Houston to do.

What you see above is about half of the pound we started out with. I shared, mostly because it's much better to have someone who remembers this as well as I do and can ooh and ahh over it. All you have to do is cut it into little rectangles and close your eyes, and you're taken back 30 years.

How long this 1/2 pound makes it is sketchy, especially since I've discovered it gets even better with an afternoon cup of coffee.


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