Friday, May 2, 2014

4/23/14 Day 1: HPL

Arrival day and I had a few hours at the Houston Public Library's Julia Ideson building before needing to get Steph out to an appointment on her side of town. 

I love this old building, holding its own against the skyscrapers and modern stuff on every side. 

Love the old Oaks, although not the weather required to foster them. 

Tim had pulled a few negatives that had come up in my latest list of search terms, but I feel like I am scratching the bottom of the barrel at this point. Everything I can think of on my side of town seems to have been largely ignored by the big city papers. He did find one of the Harmony Wedding Chapel with its original chaplain, taken in 1965 that was worth a print. This is what comes with the negatives, which includes the original triplicate form when the job was ordered by the Post. 

From the Vertical Files Index by Subject, I searched through about 20 different subjets, hoping something from the South Belt area, or at the least Gulf Freeway would appear in pictures with a story. 

I ended up snapping stuff from Ellington, 1942:

The Gulf Freeway planning, 1952

And a few fun shots of the old billboards and the endless controversy surrounding the lack of zoning

I'll have individual posts about these subjects with a number of other photos on the South Belt blog in the coming months. 

Arrival day photo count: 58


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