Thursday, December 1, 2011

12-1-11 Christmas Song(s) of the Day #1 Please Come Home for Christmas

So I snuck in Sleigh Ride before the starting bell, sue me.

This is officially the first post, with one a day to follow, of favorite Christmas songs and favorite renditions.

Some may be favorites for odd reasons, granted.

Case in point: Charles' Brown's "Please Come Home for Christmas" as recorded and distributed on the Billboard's Greatest Christmas Hits. Listen,  without bias please, at the 25 second mark and tell me what that sounds like.

I hear "crispycreata ... ooh, once again" every single time. (Yes, I know the lyrics. I still can't make out "to wish me greetings" even when I try.)

This version, less played, is completely articulate. What gives? This one never gets any radio play.

Version #2: The Eagles most famously remade this one in '78 and I have a weakness for Don Henley, but he's no Charles Brown, even with a mouth full of marbles.

#3. Check out Winter brother's sound:

Other versions for your consideration:
Willie Nelson, well, because he's Willie.

Jon Bon Jovi, who is, admittedly, awfully sexy (and so freaking young) pining away for Cindy Crawford. This must be the reason for his YouTube video to appear first in the search by title and have nearly 2 million views,  about 5 times more than any other.

Want more? Try Pat Benatar, Aaron Neville, or Luther Vandross for some nice variations.

How's that for post #666?


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