Friday, December 23, 2011

12-23-11 how stubborn am I?

So, it's Friday and the day before Christmas Eve, so I'd imagine there are a few people working at Benz's Warranty Services Group up in New Jersey who have probably taken the day off.

But I'm beginning to suspect they may ALL have taken off and no one remembered to change the phone to "We are closed. We will be back Monday."

So instead, I am being stubborn and staying on hold.

Benz has countered my stubborness, however, because no one ever stays on hold with them this long. They couldn't possibly. Because they play this 1:15 second Kenny G crap, say "thank you for still holding..." and play it AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN.

When I shot this we were approaching the 45 minute mark. That means this little ditty has repeated, what 40 times now?



Thanks you for holding. Our agents are still busy. Your call will be answered by the next available agent.


I should not go around sharp objects for the rest of the day.

The question has now become: do I go for an hour?

Am I really THAT stubborn?

It's for a denied claim on a LIGHT BULB.

A LIGHT BULB that will net me about 2 pennies in commission.

I wonder what that works out to divided by an hour? or two? Nah, I can't do two. I think the family would prefer I still be able to at least feign sanity for the holiday.

P.S. Discovered they automatically hang up on you at the hour mark! Bastards!! (And no, I'm not calling back.)


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