Friday, December 23, 2011

12-23-11 Christmas Eve Eve Snickerdoodles

Yes, all the cookie jars you see above are full. You would think with a table full of cookie containers this would be difficult to miss, but experience teaches me otherwise.

So the manta of the day is going to be "Don't forget the cookies!" as we head to Mom and Dad's this evening.

I pooped out after 12 hours of work yesterday and just could not get myself into the kitchen last night.

So this morning before work, I made what is the last batch of Snickerdoodles before Christmas.

Dad, I even let the last batch stay in the oven longer so you've got some crunchy cookies coming your way!

I think I still owe Bob's coworkers a batch since he was going to take some in this morning when the plan was to have them ready last night. Don't worry, they taste just as good for New Year's.


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