Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12-7-11 The Sock Bun

This was one of those, "this can't possibly work" tricks Sammi and stumbled on last night on Pinterest.

We had giggled out way through my LOLcats Pinboard and I was showing her the front page, since she wasn't familiar with Pinterest and we saw The Sock Bun.

There are now two socks in the house without toes. I think I can get the hang of it better after a couple of tries -- the picture above shows what rolling end-of-day hair haphazardly up into the sock looks like the next morning.

It also shows that I'm needing a better way to get hair dye evenly applied, but I don't imagine the sock bun can help much with that part.

Side note: by the next hair dye job I will be sporting Neopolitan roots. I made the stupid decision last month to try a reddish shade that promised it worked on the darkest brown. At the moment, there's a nice strawberry tint to my previously white roots next to the chocolate brown of the rest of my head (save the stripe in the back center, obviously), but I can just spot the vanilla line coming through from the scalp. Back to dark chocolate by Christmas, for sure.


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