Friday, December 9, 2011

12-9-11 Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Yeah, it's the song of the day. 

But first, here's why:

Bob tried on the Santa suit last night to make sure everything was in order for today's Christmas Photo Op at Mines.

This all started when some of the office folks were talking about how darn expensive taking your child to the mall to get some nice shots of them with Santa have become. We're talking big bucks for some laser printed snapshots. Being held hostage to the mall owners of a Santa suit just doesn't seem very merry and bright, so, knowing we had access to a good Santa suit, the plotting began.

Did I really own nothing red or green?
The square cotton ball beard isn't doing much for me.
But I have to give props to the "Miles to the North Pole" here -- 
from Houston, they aren't that far off. 

This is the only picture of me with Santa I have.

I don't have any of Dad on Santa's lap, but a few of Mom. 

The backdrop in the early 50s beats my crappy 70's gold garland chair any day!

Last year the timing didn't work out for us to get Bob dressed up thanks to already set vacation days and our travel to Disney World.

This year, though, we're in business. Nanci is bringing the camera, and Bob borrowed Dad's suit.

Dad's suit is an understatement. He's spent a lot of time over the years getting Santa jolly and large and hairy enough.

I grew up without Santa at Christmas. So it's quite wonderful to watch Dad's delight at playing Santa for my kids, first, and now for other children.

1997, when Samantha would absolutely have nothing to do with Santa. Nicholas is 4.

1998 when she was still NOT happy.  Check out the growth on Santa's beard though!

And, what a difference a year makes...Christmas 1999 when Samantha was 4. 4 is a magic year.

Prior to that year, here's what we'd gotten by way of overpriced Santa pictures at the mall, from '96 to '99:

Even then, it was painful to pay for one of their lowest priced packages. 
More than decade later, it's shameful. 

So, at least in Bob's little corner of the world, for today only, you don't have to. 
Free Santa pictures for all.

Last night Bob tried out the Santa lap thing without much success himself. 

Bruiser was having none of it.

Evan growled and hid at first, but once Bob took the gloves off and let him figure it out, he was at least willing to pose close by.

The Santa belt has been improved upon since '99. There were also Santa boots but it appears the glue holding the fur around the top decided to melt and make a mess. Cowboy boots it is.

Bob showing off his hair.

 And then just playing around. 

and, for Nick...


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