Sunday, December 25, 2011

12-25-11 Christmas Day

Christmas Day without Santa or waking up at the crack of dawn means time for pancakes.

There was an attempt at Christmas shapes, which turned out only marginally well. They cook fine on one side, but flipping them is another story. The stocking was unsavable, but I did end up with a tree, a one armed and one-eared teddy bear, and a relatively unscathed gingerbread man. The rest are just circular.

After breakfast came the presents, of course:

Nell created blankets for Bob and I

Sammi models her pea coat

My favorite gift of the day: Sam drew us all as Peanuts characters. There's Evan at my feet, Katy with a ball in her mouth, both dogs staring at Bruiser who is doing his best Snoopy impression.

Sam's favorite gift was a signed picture by Misha Collins. It reads, "Samantha, I missed you." Procured by a friend of Bob's, this was definitely her surprise gift.

 Bob cleaned up on Superhero stuff. There was almost nothing he didn't get that wasn't Batman related. 

I got three Starry Night gifts: this necklace, an electric candle, and a silk scarf

Nick's favorite gift were his Oakleys.

Snoop insulated coffee mug with a picture of what I look like after enough coffee.

Sammi's haul

Nick's haul

Bob's haul (ok, there is a Wonder Woman gift in there, actually)

And mine.

Thanks to Mom and Dad sending us home yesterday with all the leftovers, other than popping the turkey in the oven mid-morning, lunch was heat and eat.

And then, post turkey coma naps.


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